Reuniting Grid Dadant-Blatt 10 nicot

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Outside dimensions 425x500mm. White color.

Injected reuniting grid in recyclable semi rigid plastic material.

Thickness 2,5mm. Weight 265g. Easy maintenance (see Queen Excluder).



Allows to combine gently 2 colonies of bees and to avoid the death of the queen to keep, owing to 2 different sizes of holes. This grid consists mainly of small holes that allow only the exchange of odors and pheromones, no passage of bees. On the 2 corners at the front, at the entrance side of the hive, 6 larger holes (4,2mm) allow the passage of workers only.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 75 pieces, 20.4Kg, 55x46x21cm.



          Manuel of Use of the Reuniting Grid - Changing of Queen by Reuniting of 2 Colonies with the nicot Reuniting Grid :


The body that contains the good queen, to keep, must be placed underneath.

If it's a young queen, there must be at the minimum 2 frames of her capped brood in the body.

The workers passages (4,2mm) of the reuniting grid should be placed at the front, at the entrance side of the hive.

On the underneath hive (bottom board + body), containing the queen to keep, position the reuniting grid, add the body of the wrong hive to combine (orphan hive, laying worker hive, old hive to reunite, bad queen, virgin queen, worthless hive) and close the whole with the hive top feeder + hive top.

In times of nectar flow, you must interpose honey chambers, in providing for 1 honey chamber in more than the other hives. Position the reuniting grid on the last honey chamber.

Thus, on the underneath hive containing the queen to keep, place 1 queen excluder then 2 to 3 empty honey chambers, and then, identically, the reuniting grid, the body to gather and the whole hive top feeder + hive top.

After 5 to 8 days, collect the body of the bad hive to dismantle it, shake the remaining bees behind the hives, and check that the bad queen is not on the reuniting grid because in this case, you must kill it. Then, remove the reuniting grid.


  Notice of use of the Reuniting Grid

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