Queen Excluder nicot in plastic

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 3 Models :


    Dadant-Blatt 10 - 425x500mm

    Langstroth - 425x510mm

    Dadant-Blatt 12 - 500x500mm






Injected queen excluder in recyclable semi rigid plastic material. Ivory color.

High precision wire spacing and maximum number of holes. Thickness 2,5mm.

Weight : 232g (Dadant10), 242g (Langstroth), 270g (Dadant12).

Precise wire spaces with round sides to enable the bees to pass through easier.

It is totally round and plane to avoid the build up of foreign bodies.  


Easy to clean :

  Brush and wash with hot water 60°C, 60Bars.

  Steam room : resisting to 110°C Maxi (without limits), hang the queen excluder with the 2 holes with 2 metallic plates of 20x4cm.

●  Rinsing in hot water 100°C + 10% of caustic soda.


Avantages you will have by using our queen excluder :

  Must be used if you also use a bee escape.

  Allows the enforcing and equalising of the hives with boards full of bees.

  Avoid the diffusion of the foulbrood through the contaminated half frames.

  Allows the production of a lighter honey without any brood taste.

  Is warmer than a metallic queen excluder (without cold area).


Warning : In some regions breeding the black bees, the use of a queen excluder (metallic, plastic or other) is not recommended, because it will tend to slow the rise of the bees in the honey chambers.


Packaging :

Cardboard box of 75 pieces, 18.7Kg, 55x46x21cm (D10 or L10). Pallet of 2400 pieces, 100x120x178cm.

Cardboard box of 75 pieces, 20.7Kg, 53x53x21cm (D12). Pallet of 2400 pieces, 105x120x180cm.

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