Entrance Feeder nicot in plastic for Nicot Jar PalK and PepK

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Made from alimentary* plastic material.

For a hive opening of minimum 8 mm height  x 40 mm length.

Allow stimulation and treatment of bees by placing on the feeder a jar Pal K or Pep K full of syrup or crystallize honey.

Beehive must be place on flat or with a light forward inclination. Bees drink at the drinking trough or used the tunnel to collect the feeding.


Jar put on the feeder without cover or with a pierced one. The feeder is sold without jar.




Packaging : Cardboard box of 72 pieces, 4.7 Kg, 55 x 46 x 21 cm.


* EU food contact certificate on request (Thanks to mention your Name, First Name and Post Address)


    Direction for use


You can use it in different ways.  

In any case, if jar is transparent, you must cap it with an opaque jar, to avoid, for example, that the piece of crystallize honey come unstuck the jar with heat and fall down on bees...

Caution, do not forget to fix the jar on the feeder with a wire or an elastic band. Jar can fly away with the wind. 



Pos 1 : Granulated honey

Jar without cover

Jar will be directly put on the feeder.










Pos 2 : Treated or untreated syrup

Jar without cover

Pierce the 2 small holes-tubes situated on the tunnel at the

fondement of the round, to avoid that air draughts drag bees

in syrup. Jar will be directly put on the feeder.









Pos 3 : Treated or untreated syrup

Jar with cover

Jar will be closed by 1mm holes pierced cover and put on the feeder.










Pos 4 : Frames too low in the chamber.

Jar with cover

Feeder will be cut of a good length.

Jar will be closed by  1mm holes pierced cover and put on the feeder.









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