Queen Introduction Cage nicot in plastic

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Registered pattern.

With candy reserve.

Dimensions : 148x130x11mm.

Made of recyclable plastic.




Fix it with 4 nails (can be stuck with acetone). Take off the cappings. Put the candy in the reserve.

Fix the cage on the newborn brood. Put the queen into it and close the cage.


If divided, on a baticadre, do not fix with nails, but with an elastic band around the frame and the cage.


This cage tested during the season 1989 by 2 queen breeders has been very convincing.


          Direction for use (according to 2 queen breeders)


Fill up the beepassing with dry candy.

  ● Take off the queen which has to be changed and choose (if possible in the same colony) a frame as right as possible (plate) with newborn bees.

  ● Take off all the bees from the frame and put the introduction cage in the frame (fix it to the wax).

  ● Introduce the queen through the hole and close it with the cap. The acceptation is guaranteed because the young bees are not dangerous for the queen and look after her very well.

  ● She starts to lay eggs in free cells.

  ● After 2 days, the passing is free of candy and the queen goes out to lay eggs on the frames. This method allows a quiet and natural introduction, with no comparison with an introduction in a small cage. The queen is not damaged and does not feel attacked.

  ● The check up and the taking off of the introduction cage is done only 8 to 10 days after the installation.

  ● Keep a passing of 1cm between the cage and the frame in order for the bees to keep in touch with the hive. If necessary, take off a frame from the brood.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 150 pieces, 6.3Kg, 44x38x30cm.

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