Half Frame nicot in plastic

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½ frame for Dadant-Blatt honey chamber for rearing.

Outside dimensions : 217x160mm.

Fitted by 2 to obtain 1 frame Dadant-Blatt.

Half Frame in rigid plastic, suitable for contact with foodstuffs. Recyclable plastic.

Each Half Frame is shipped with Hoffmann spacings, to build if necessary (can be sticked with acetone).


Fix a sheet of embossed wax using a system of wires and spur thanks to the holes on the sides (3 holes on the height of the edges, inside,

on each side). Pass the wire at your choice over 3 levels, horizontally, or 2 levels, or only 1 level in the case of an initiation on the top.

Otherwise, apply 1 stream of wax on the 3 inner edges and press the sheet of embossed wax.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 100 pieces, 8.6Kg, 51x35x57cm.



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