Cupularve Nicot - Queen Rearing System

Cupularve nicot - Queen Rearing System in plastic

Used since 1985

** Bronze Medal - Apimondia 1987 **

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Registered pattern avoiding grafting.

Made of recyclable plastics.

Principle : with our system, the queen lays eggs directly in the artificial cell cup.

Allows the rearing from larvas aged of 6 to 24 hours.


Dimensions : 147x130x28mm.


A Cupularve consists of 3 main parts :


 ● A plate with 110 cells and a reserve of candy for the introduction of a foreign queen (1).

    The 110 cells will receive 110 artificial cellcups CNE3 (not included) or 110 wax cellcups.   

 ● A queen excluder (2).

 ● A supporting plate (3).   


Caution : You could buy perfect imitations of our Cupularve. Our system is engraved Nicot - made in france. 

Packaging : Cardboard box of 12 pieces, 2.2Kg, 31x21x19cm.






-Cut in a comb with brood, in the middle of the frame, a rectangle with the same dimensions than the Cupularve. Take off the queen excluder and the supporting plate. Put the 110 artificial cellcups CNE3. Put back the supporting plate (closed with its cap). Fix the Cupularve with 2 woodenscrews in the corresponding holes. Put honey in the cells.

Put it several months in the middle of the brood without queen excluder (if you don't use it, keep it in the brood, the smell of the queen will make more easily the next egg laying).

- Feed the hive 4 days before and during the eggs laying.

- Put back the queen excluder. Introduce the queen (with candy for foreign queens). Close the queen excluder with its cap B1, or with a big honeycandy block for an automatically releasing.

- The extraction of the cellcup containing the Larva aged of 6 to 24 hours is easier with CNE2 (90% of acceptation).


If conditions of rearing are optimised (Season, Population, Temperature, Race, feeding, Cupularve right in the middle of the brood…), the eggs laying of the queen occures within 24 hours. Check that the beepassing is enough for the bees : minimum 8mm.

You can also put the Cupularve in the wax (maximum 65°C). The disformation temperature starts at 75°C.

You can release the queen automatically after 24 hours with a big honeycandy block situed in the candy reserve.

The 110 artificial cellcups CNE3 must always be put on the Cupularve to avoid brace comb.


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