Transparent Cover for Hive Top Feeder nicot in plastic

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Injected in transparent polypropylen (same material as the cover and glass of the rapid feeder), recyclable plastic, resistant to acids and chemical products.

Use 2 pieces for one hive top feeder.


Outside Dimensions : 68,5x178x56mm. Dimensions of vat : 18x153x53mm.


Specifications :


 ●   The bees can not build in the chimney or fly away.

 ●   As it is transparent, you can see the volume occupied by the bees without opening the hive.

 ●   You can put any kind of liquid in it.

 ●   You can pierce some wholes on the sides and treat the bees by evaporating systems (thanks to the high temperature of the body).


Packaging : Cardboard box of 60 pieces, 4Kg, 49x41x23cm.



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