Hive Top Dadant-Blatt 10 nicot in plastic

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                                                                                                                                                                  Hanging interior


Outside dimensions : 450x520mm. Total height 102mm.

Inside dimensions : 434x504mm.


Material, Cleaning, Advantages : Refer to Page HiveParts.


Technical specifications :


  Is used with our hive top feeder Dadant-Blatt 10, with adding of an insulating sheet of type Aluminium-Plastic Bubbles-Aluminium of 7mm height, glue in the top with double-sided scotch (don’t use glue on injection points). The central part of the top feeder with the chimney and adding of insulating avoid top’s deformation and ensure tightness at the bees.

  Can be assembled thanks to the recess of 15mm to gain place.


Advantages :


  In use with the top feeder Dadant-Blatt 10, 2 interior hangings on each side fix the top on the body or on the honey chamber, no stone to put on the top.

  The moving back of the hive top in position sloping with the hangings allow to feed a vat of the top feeder without to have to take off and to put the hive top on the soil floor.

  Antislipping parts are made to put our bottomboard on the top.

  More insulating than sheet sleep.

  No need to clean.

  Extralight : 1,4Kg.

  Extrasmooth : no mould can stick.


Recommendation : Adding an insulating sheet under the Top will prevent any condensation in the Hive Top Feeder.


To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Packaging : Pallet of 120 pieces, 185Kg, 110x140x180cm.


To know : The Top Dadant-Blatt 10 can't be used with the Hive Top Feeder "Langstroth - Dadant-Standard 10".


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