Soles for Pallet

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4 Models :


   Batch of 2 Soles for Pallet 960mm (Brown)

   Batch of 2 Soles for Pallet 910mm (Beige)

   Batch of 2 Soles for Pallet 440mm (Beige)

   Batch of 3 Soles for 2 Pallets 960mm (Brown)


Outside sizes : thickness 25mm (without assembly finger).




Material, Cleaning, Advantages : Refer to Page Hive Parts.



Technical specifications :


  The Batch of 2 Soles is constitute of 2 Soles of width 80mm.

It allows to reinforce the Pallet and to avoid the burial of the legs in the floor. Assembling : Put upside-down the pallet on the floor. Place the Soles on and fit them in by pressing.



  The Batch of 3 Soles is constitute of 2 Soles of width 80mm and 1 Sole of width 150mm.

It allows to assemble 2 big pallets. In using the Batch of 3 Soles for 2 Pallets 960mm with 2 Pallets 960mm, you will obtain one Pallet 4 Beehives Back to Back.

Add a mechanical fixing between the 2 pallets on the contact faces, in 4 points at the level of legs, with : the drilling of 2 holes (1 by pallet) at Ø 8,5mm, the mounting of 1 screw with hexagonal head M8x20 with 2 extra wide washers Øint. 8 - Øext. 30 (1 of each side) and 1 nut M8, the whole in galvanized steel preferably (parts not included).

Assembling : Put upside-down the pallets on the floor. Place the Soles on and fit them in by pressing (with mallet or big hammer), then fix together the 2 Pallets.


  For the Pollen harvesting, use the upside down whole Pallet + Soles for a best stability and a good use of the Pollen Drawer.

  Extralight batches : Batch of 3 soles 960 2,2Kg ; Batch of 2 soles 960 or 910 1,1Kg ; Batch of 2 soles 440 0,5Kg.

  Extrasmooth : no mould can stick.


Note : Each sole is constitute of minimum 2 assembly fingers which will positioned in the legs of the pallets. So, the use of Soles for pallets 960mm is reserved for pallets 960mm, these soles are incompatible with pallets 910mm. Identically for soles for pallets 910 mm which are incompatible with pallets 960mm.



To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Packaging :  

Batch of 2 Soles 960 - Pallet of 128 batches, 156Kg, 66x96x97cm.
Batch of 2 Soles 910 -
Pallet of 128 batches, 150Kg, 66x91x97cm.
Batch of 2 Soles 440 -
Pallet of 256 batches, 145Kg, 66x88x97cm.

Batch of 3 Soles 960 - Pallet of 64 batches, 156Kg, 66x96x97cm.


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