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The Pallet, the Soles, the Bottom Board, the Door, the Body, the Honey Chamber, the Hive Top, the Clips and the Centrers are injected in one or several single pieces, directly coloured (no paint or solvent), which do not rot, made of recyclable plastic (HDPE), resistant of outside and external aggression and of all acids and chemical products. These can be used immediately without handling or modification.

To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Only the Frame, the Drawer for harvest bottom, the Wintering Plate, the Hive Top Feeder and the Cover for the Hive Top Feeder are injected in other materials, always chosen for a better quality adapted to the use of beekeepers.





Easy cleaning : brush, scratch, jet of warm water high pressure (60°C, 60Bars), bleach water with water (disinfection), or caustic soda with warm water (60°C).



The weight of a plastic hive without frames (bottom, body, honey chamber, top feeder and hive top) is about 10Kg.



The cost of a plastic hive delivered in spare parts ready to use is also very advantageous.



Plastic Hive NICOT


Wood Hive


Pricelist July 2024

Price by

60 hives *




Top D10

8.86 €HT

1,4 Kg


2,5 Kg

Top Feeder DB10 + 2 Covers

8.26 €HT

1,4 Kg


2,7 Kg

Honey Chamber D10 9F

11.47 €HT 1

2,3 Kg


4,8 Kg

Body D10 10F

20.75 €HT 2

4,0 Kg


8,0 Kg

Bottom Board D10 FullV + Door 8,5

7.53 €HT

1,3 Kg


2,5 Kg



10,4 Kg


20,5 Kg


* Prices are given to indicative title, without Transport Cost, without VAT. Quantity and terms of sale of each article are mention at schedule pricelist in our catalogue (no sell’s retail).

1 Purchase of 1 complete pallet,thus 66 pieces

2 Purchase of 2 complete pallets, thus 72 pieces




It was seen that the development of the colony is more quickly in the plastic beehive than in the wood beehive.

With the airspace insulation made by system of double-walled, the look of brood frame is different, the environment is more dry and there are no mouldy frames.




All the hive parts are tested and modified before being purposed to our customers.

Our items are evolving continually and we always chose the best material to resist to climatic conditions.

All our observations allow us to meet your requirements.








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