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3 Models :


   For 2 Beehives (Brown)

        Outside size 960x530x150mm

   For 2 Stacks of Honey Chambers (Beige)

        Outside size 910x530x150mm

   For 1 Beehive or 1 Tank (Beige)

        Outside size 440x530x150mm









Material, Cleaning, Advantages : Refer to Page Hive Parts.


Technical specifications :


  Lateral stops and antislipping notches.

  Pallet height 150mm + Lateral stops height 5mm. Pitch of stacking of 55mm to saving in space.


  Pallets 960x530 and 910x530 are delivering with 4 center pins Ø 9mm and 4 cross-center pins Ø 16mm. Pallet 440x530 is delivering with 2 center pins Ø 9mm and 2 cross-center pins Ø 16mm.

  Positioning with center pins Ø 9mm : with several prepercied holes Ø 10mm on pallet and under the bottom board and the harvest plate, you may position bottom board and center harvest plate in 2 front points (harvest plate : use nearest holes of center of the pallet).

  Fastening : with prepercied holes, you may fasten in 4 points bottom board and harvest plate on the pallet with 4 truss-head screws Ø 4x15mm.

  Alternate superposition is possible thanks to a simple positioning, upside down on right side, or thanks to a fixing, right side on upside down, with locations in the feets to fix the Pallets feet to feet using Ø 16mm cross pins (to be placed between the 8 feets). The Pallets can be superimposed on 2 levels, 3 levels…

Only for the 960x530 Pallet, it’s possible to turn the Pallet upside down and to place the beehive on the 4 legs of the Pallet, but the whole is not very stable. It’s best to add Soles to the Pallet upside down.

  Use of pallet for 1 tank : tank must be perfectly center on the pallet. If not, place a 12mm plywood plate on the pallet.

  Manipulation of pallet during honey chamber harvest : pallet must be carry on its extremities. Place adjustable forks to obtain maximum external spacing, or add expander sheaths on forks.

  Extralight : Pallet 960 2,7Kg ; Pallet 910 2,6Kg ; Pallet 440 1,3Kg.

  Extrasmooth : no mould can stick. 


To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Packaging :

Pallet 960 - Set of 64 pieces, in stack of 32, 172Kg, 97x107x182cm.

Pallet 910 - Set of 64 pieces, in stack of 32, 169Kg, 92x107x182cm.

Pallet 440 - Set of 128 pieces, in stack of 32, 167Kg, 89x107x182cm.




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