Frame Baticadre of Honey Chamber Dadant-Blatt

For Honey and Brood - Used since 1982

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Ready for use. NOT WAXED. Is used without wax. Registered pattern.

True to the French legislation (NF U82101).

Frame injected in rigid plastic, suitable for contact with foodstuffs. Recyclable plastic.

For Honey Chamber Dadant-Blatt. Dimensions : 435x160x25mm. Maximum length with heels : 470mm.

Weight : 360g.

Plastic frame foundation prebuilt on 6 mm on each face, total foundation of 12mm.

The 4 sides of the Baticadre have the same brightness 25mm to avoid building outside the frame.


Ideal use : Put one first honey chamber with drawned out wax frames or new waxed Baticadres (waxed by the user), and in the second honey chamber, put 4 new Baticadres and 5 drawned out wax frames (3 in the middle and 1 in each end).


Be very good used in divided hive for the brood since 1982.







Surface increased of more than 9% of empty side in comparison with wood frame by chamber. You win area of one frame by honey chamber.

Cells predrawn out on a height of 6mm, for a foundation of 12mm, unbreakable when extracted.


Time gain for the bees. In case of a big flow, the nectar can be kept before the drawing out of the cells.

Less uncapping time, the sides are perfectly right.

Less extracting time, and better productivity. Possibility of liquefying of granulating honey by warming it, and increase extracting speed.


Nosemose can be destroyed by warming at 49°C.

For other illnesses : use water and bleachingwater.

Resists to greater wax moth and Aethina Tumida, its development will be late.

Picking up of pure beeswax.


Old frames can be reused :

Plane the foundation with a spatula (100mm bright), and clean :

·       By heating : using temperature : 70°C – deformation temperature : 75°C.

·       By hot water steeping and moving it.

·       By hot water rinsing at 60°C under 60Bars for a big quantity of frames.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 30 pieces, 11.2Kg, 50x35x39cm.

Pallet of 900 pieces, 100x120x210cm.


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