Entrance Door for Bottom Board nicot in plastic

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4 Models :


   Standard, D10 Passages 8.5 - White

   D10 Passages 5.5 - Green

   D10 Passages 4.2 - Ivory

   D10 Evolutive - Beige 







Injected entrance door made of recyclable plastic.

Thickness : 3mm.

Reversible, has to be used with our bottom board Dadant-Blatt 10.


Dimensions : 419x38mm. Weight : 52g.





Passages 8.5 Door is used to reducing the beehive entrance during off season.

Passages 5.5 Door allows to keeping entrance of Asian hornet in the beehive during autumn. As drone passage is also stopped, door's use must be restricted.

Passages 4.2 Door allows to keeping entrance / exit of queen and drones in the beehive. Used to specific operations.

Evolutive Door, fully closed, allows the opening of passages only at the desired positions for the use on breeding hive, on two queens beehive, to reduce the robbery… On the same design as Standard door, up to 16 passages 8.5 can be opened at your selection by breaking the shutters. Once the shutter is broken, the opening of the passage is definitive.


To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Direction for use : Put the door in the 2 notches foresee of the bottom board. To dismantle, lift the door to take off it at the first notch, and pull the door of the side of the beehive for dismantling its second end to completely take the door out of the notch.




Thinking : The use of Passages 5.5 Door is only recommended in case of presence of Asian Hornets. If the Hornets are not present in your area, it’s preferable to use Passages 8.5 Door, which will slow lesser the  passages of bees.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 250 pieces, 13.7Kg, 46x36x26cm.

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