Body and Honey Chamber Dadant-Blatt 10 nicot in plastic

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2 Models of Body :




   10 frames

   Hoffmann frames


     Outside size : 430x500x310mm.


4 Models of Honey Chamber :






     8 frames

     9 frames

   10 frames

   Hoffmann frames


    Outside size : 430x500x168mm.






Material, Food contact, Cleaning, Advantages : Refer to Page HiveParts.


Technical specifications :


  Thickness 25mm.

  Resist on the woodpecker.

  Frame spacers and spacerblocks are injected together with the body and the chamber.

     Models 8,9 and 10 frames are equipped with 2 frame spacers and 1 series of spacerblocks (one side only).

     Models hoffmann frames are equipped with 2 smooth bars and no spacerblocks.

  Brace on two sides for an easier carrying by hand or lifting gear.

  Prepierced holes on two sides for 2 clips or (sold separately). The same is made on the bottom board, the body, the honey chamber, the hive top feeder, ...

  Thermal insulation by airspace.

  Extralight : 4,0Kg for the body, 2,3Kg for the honey chamber.

  Extrasmooth : no mould can stick.


Packaging :

Body - Pallet of 36 pieces, 164Kg, 110x130x200cm.

Honey Chamber - Pallet of 66 pieces, 175Kg, 110x130x200cm.

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