Pollen Tunnel nicot in plastic for Bottom Board DB10 Full Ventilation

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Pollen tunnel, injected in recyclable plastic material.

For the harvest of the pollen, with integrated screen.

Use in combination with our DB10 Full Ventilation Bottom Board

and our Dadant 10 Pollen Drawer.

Screen passages Ø 5.1mm. Weight : 179g


Insert it into the entrance of the hive. To enter in the hive, the bees pass under the tunnel, then pass through its screen. They will then lose their pollen loads before and after the passage of the screen. The pollen loads will pass through the ventilation holes of the bottom board and they will be collected in the drawer situated below.

The pierced part of the screen is designed to perfectly match to the length of the recuperation bin of our pollen drawer : no loss of harvest.

Pre-percied hole of male passage of Ø 9mm at each end of the screen, open only one hole.


Direction for use :




1. Prepare the Pollen Tunnel by opening one of the two Ø 9mm holes of the males passage (open only 1 hole).

To set it up, slightly press down on the flight plate of the Bottom board or slightly lift the Body and insert the Pollen Tunnel (with the flat surface situated above) into the entrance of the hive, well in parallel to the sides of the Bottom. Push in well the Tunnel until it protrudes no longer.

Insert the Pollen Drawer by sliding it under the Bottom according to the desired method (front, back, side/bottom), in having take care to first add 2 stop screws under the Bottom.

2. Your Pollen Collection System is ready to operate.

3. To stop the harvest, simply remove the Tunnel. Slide two American frame lift tools under the overhangs of the top of the Tunnel. Pry to take off the Tunnel, and pull in parallel to exit and remove the Tunnel. Remove the Pollen Drawer.


Packaging : Cardboard box of 24 pieces, 4.8Kg, 46x43x21cm.


  Notice of a Pollen Collection System with 1 Bottom Board DB 10 Fulle Ventilation, 1 Pollen Tunnel and 1 Pollen Drawer D10

         (pdf file to download)


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