Pollen Screen nicot in plastic, passages Ø 5,1 mm

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2 Models :


   Dadant-Blatt 10  length. 436mm

   Dadant-Blatt 12  length. 504mm





Injected pollen screen made of recyclable plastic.

Thickness : 3mm, passages diameter : 5,1mm. Don't injure the Bee.


On the 2 models, the airy area of the pollen screen has the same size (90x56x355mm), only the slides are different.

Has to be used with our pollen drawer : no pollen loss, most effective.

Can be adapted to any hive types (standard or other) by cutting the slides at the required size.

Thanks to its slides, the screen is introduced on the sides with our bottom board side hive.

Weight : 38g (Dadant10), 46g (Dadant12)


Packaging : Cardboard box of 250 pieces, 8.9Kg, 46x26x19cm (D10); 10.5Kg, 57x29x17cm (D12).   

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