Harvest Bottom Dadant-Blatt 10 nicot in plastic for Honey Chambers

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Outside dimensions : 430x515x45mm. Weight : 1,1Kg.

Drawer for Harvest Bottom sold separately.


Made from PEHD, recyclable plastic. Extrasmooth, no mould can stick. Identical configuration with Bottom board Dadant-Blatt 10, with a flying plate reduce at 15 mm : antislipping parts on the bottom, 2 stops on the front and 4 centring blocks for the honey chamber, prepierced holes for our spring fasteners, prepierced holes on two sides for 2 or 4 clips between the harvest bottom and the first honey chamber.


 ● Allows to harvesting a stack of honey chambers filling with honey. Put it underneath the stack. Insert the drawer on the grating of the harvest bottom to collect drops of honey and to stop access to frames. You can place a second suite on top of the stack.

 ● Allows to wintering honey chamber with built frames in good aeration.

Place a first harvest bottom underneath the stack, with a closed entrance door to stop access inside the suite. Place a second harvest bottom with closed entrance door on top of the honey

chamber stack.

 ● Can be used as Bottom Board with reduced flying plate. To close the Harvest Bottom, in order to favour colony's brood development, you should introduce the drawer or the wintering plate under the harvest bottom by the rear, but also by the front.



To avoid warping, you must ALWAYS STOCK FLAT pieces.


Packaging : Brown - Pallet of 240 pieces, 282Kg, 110x130x190cm.

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