Bottom Board Side Hive nicot in plastic

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Made from alimentary* plastic material for outside use (like the hive numbers).

Dimensions : 540 x height 52 x depth 25 mm + external ribs of 5 mm.

Total length 540 mm, possibility to cut it. Slide of 9,5 mm on the hole length.  

The sides are prepierced to make the building with screws or nails easier.


Allows the reversibility of the bottom board which can be wired with adjustable slides (will be closed in the spring to fight the varroas) or with a pollen trap.


In different positions, it allows a way of 8 mm, 2 ways of 8 mm or a way of 28 mm.

The way of 28 mm is reduced to 2 ways of 8 mm by a wooden plate (thickness 12 mm) or a tube (Ø 12 mm) fixed on each side by a screw to avoid the entrance of rodents in the hive.

Thickness of the plank for bottom board : 15 mm.


·  Pollen trap, 1 entrance of 28 mm reversible with 1 entrance of 8 mm.

Place for excluder and drone passage are prepierced, you just have to open the forward left and right handsides of the bottom board side hives.


·  For airy bottom board plate, 1 way of 8 mm : Against varroas

The exploitation of the hive by a wired floor increases the temperature gaps, allows a longer egglayingbreak, avoids varroas and brood. Varroas fall outof the hive and cannot be catched by bees.

By cold weather or during the spring, you will have to close the hive with a wooden plate (thickness 5 mm), to allow the development of the bees. In the summer, the plates will be removed until next spring.

Packaging : Cardboard box of 50 pieces, 12.8 Kg, 57 x 29 x 32cm.


* EU food contact certificate on request (Thanks to mention your Name, First Name and Post Address)



     Reversible :


1st side : 1 way of 8 mm


2nd side : 2 ways of 8 mm or 1 way of 28 mm





a. For bottom board with 2 x 8 mm entrances.  



b. For bottom board with 28 mm entrance.




c. For pollentrap, 1 entrance of 28 mm reversible with 1 entrance of 8 mm.



d. For airy bottom board plate, 1 way of 8 mm.

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